CCP receives recognition for best investment in design at the Icelandic Design Awards 2021

October 29th, 2021
Photo/Aldís Pálsdóttir

The Icelandic gaming company CCP receives recognition for best investment in design at the Icelandic Design Awards 2021. Sigurður Hannesson, managing director of SI - the Federation of Icelandic Industries gave the awards to CCP.  

From the jury

Since CCP was founded in 1997, the company has released several award-winning multi-player games such as EVE Online, EVE Valkyrie, Dust 514 and EVE Echoes. Over nearly a quarter of a century CCP has formed and created an art style and a scene of action that has fascinated gamers worldwide and to this day the EVE Universe has evolved through the participation of around 40 million people. 

At CCP designers play an important role in multidisciplinary teams which together create a unique scene of action in a distant future that unleashes the imagination. Furthermore, CCP is the largest workplace of designers in Iceland. Currently 40-50 designers work at the studio with very diverse assignments that touch upon everything from interface design, game design, and three-dimensional design to experience design, narrative design, – to name a few. 

Today the gaming industry is one of the pillars of software creative industries in Iceland, where there are now more than twenty companies that specialize in game development. CCP has had enormous effect on the field as a whole and paved the way for a new platform for design in Iceland that today is an established part of the economy.

By: Blóð Stúdíó

The Icelandic Design Award 2021 was held in Gróska on the 29th of October. Guðrún Sóley Gestsdóttir, media personality, presented the awards and earlier during the day a productive talk was held about a future based on design, creativity and innovation, directed by Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir, the managing of Festa - center for sustainability.

The Icelandic Design Award started in 2014 and honours the best Icelandic design and architecture annually. The importance of design in our society, culture and business has been growing steadily, and it is therefore vital to increase the understanding of good design and highlight the value of quality.

The jury of the Icelandic Design Awards 2021
María Kristín Jónsdóttir/Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir, chairmen of the jury, Museum of Design and Applied Art
Hildigunnur Sverrisdóttir, architect, IUA                                                                                                              
Þorleifur Gíslason, grapich designer, IDA 
Katarina Siltavuori, director of Archinfo Finland.                     
Margrét Kristín Sigurðardóttir, SI                                                              
Ragna Fróðadóttir, fashion and textile designer, and director at Edelkoort Inc.                                     

The Icelandic Design Award is established by Iceland Design and Architecture in collaboration with the Iceland University of the Arts, the Museum of Design and Applied Art, Promote Iceland and SI - the Federation of Icelandic Industries.

October 29th, 2021
Álfrún Pálsdóttir
Aldís Pálsdóttir


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