Design in Nordic Nature

Design in Nordic Nature gathers and studies current examples of infrastructure design in Nordic nature. Identifying future design solutions and strategies to encourage nature protection and nature experience.

The output of the project is a Nordic Atlas of infrastructure design emerging from collaborative compiling and knowledge sharing. The Nordic Atlas unveils the potential of design in regard to nature protection and nature experience. The atlas compiles a variety of examples ranging from vernacular design traditions embedded in local craftsmanship to innovative design solutions embracing new technologies. Further, the project portrays the formal and informal acts of planning, protection, construction and maintenance as well as the financial and planning structures behind infrastructure design in Nordic nature.

Design in Nordic Nature is a part of larger initiative on sustainable tourism in the north under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The development of sustainable tourism defines one of the focus areas of Iceland's presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2019. In that context, a plethora of projects are emerging through collaboration between the Nordic countries and under the headlines Design in Nature, Clean Energy and Nature Conservation. Design in Nordic nature is led by Iceland Design and Architecture in collaboration with Doga Norway and Archinfo, Finland. Iceland Design and Architecture runs the project in collaboration with The Ministry for the Environment and natural Resources and the Ministry of Industries and Innovation.