Designing for de-growth relies on engagement across sectors, agree #FrameLive x DesignMarch panellists

How can design facilitate degrowth, yet improve health and prosperity of people and planet?

The COVID-19 crisis brought industry to an unprecedented halt all over the world. The result has been disastrous for economies, but has also revealed how our environment can rebound with dramatic action. How to stabilize COVID-era financial systems while simultaneously combatting the climate crisis will be the challenge of our lifetime. If we viewed this time as an opportunity to rewrite our collective priorities, what would designing for ‘de-growth’ look like?

It’s a question Frame Magazine explored in collaboration with DesignMarch, for a #FrameLive talk with a panel consisting of Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir, managing director of Festa, Centre for Sustainability in Iceland, Anna María Bogadóttir, architect and founder of Úrbanistan, and Nils Wiberg, interactive artist and interaction designer at Gagarín. The conversation, led by Frame founder Robert Thiemann, covered the topic from the perspective of past, present and future. It was sent out live