DesignMarch 2022 - exhibitions that are open longer

May 9th, 2022

DesignMarch 2022 ended on a high note on May 8th after five days of successful festivites. A total of over 100 exhibitions and 250 events and openings, it is not unlikely that some guests did not manage to see everything. 

There are few exhibitions that are still open even though the festival is officially over. 

Here is an overview.

Experiment – Eider and Farmer

An artistic research project on a symbiotic relationship between eider and farmer by a group of designers and artists from Denmark, Iceland and Norway. Learning from this sustainable but gradually declining nordic heritage, the project gives rise to innovation and production of new artworks.

Experiment – Eider and Farmer stands until July 31st 2022

Erik Bryggman – a Nordic architect 1891-1955

Erik Bryggman was one of the most influential architects of his generation and with his design, together with Alvar Aalto, marked the beginning of Functionalism in Finland. He designed a large number of buildings that are considered a cornerstone in the architectural history of the 20th century and have certainly stood the test of time.

Erik Bryggman – a Nordic architect 1891-1955 is exhibited in the Nordic house through May 2022.

Faux Flora

Faux Fauna is a collection of digital and animated images, scents, soundscape and texts where fictional flowers are at the forefront. You are invited to the scent scape of flora where the boundaries between what’s real and fictional have been blurred.

For centuries man has walked a thin line between scientific research and fiction. Faux Fauna is a collection of digital and animated images, scents, soundscape and text where fictional flowers are at the forefront.

Faux Flora in Fischersund will be exhibited until the end of 2022.


Hanna Dís Whitehead takes another spin on previous works where interesting materials, colours, shapes and history are mixed together in a new way. The energy of a chain reaction leads the process, one idea pushes the next.

Spin will be exhibited in Gerðarsafn until August 5th 2022.


Hljóðhimnar is an interactive installation for kids and their families at Harpa. For DesignMarch the ÞYKJÓ design collective shed a light on their design process with the family friendly exhibition ,,Behind Hljóðhimnar”. What is it that designers do? Can kids be experts for designers?

Behind Hljóðhimnum will stand until May 12th but Hljóðhimnar is a permanent instillation in Harpa and open from kl. 14:00 - 18:00 workdays and 10:00 - 18:00 on weekends.

Reshaping Mineral Wool

In the exhibition Reshaping Mineral Wool, Flétta and Kristín Sigurðardóttir give insight into their material research on mineral wool and on waste materials from its production in Iceland.

The exhibition Reshaping Mineral Wool provides insight into Flétta and Kristín Sigurðardóttir’s ongoing material research where the possibilities of recycling mineral wool and waste materials from its production are explored.

Reshaping Mineral Wool will stand until May 15th 2022.

Touching Landscape

Touching Landscape is the working title of Tinna Gunnarsdóttir’s ongoing doctoral research project, which focuses on the aesthetic experience of landscape as a force for positive change. The terms landscape and aesthetics are, however, far wider and more comprehensive than they may appear at first. Not only do they deal with appearances, but they also deal with the way we come into contact with the world, when man and landscape meet and shape each other.

Touching Landscape will be exhibited in Hafnarborg until May 15th 2022.


The project SUBSURFACE – CONVECTION brings together two projects related to the ecosystem of lava on both micro and macro scale.

What meets visitors when they enter into the exhibition UNDIRLAND – UPPSTREYMI in Ásmundarsalur is a window to a high-tech world on both micro and macro scale that has abandoned profit maximization and is therefore free to explore
progressive solutions. A world where flowing lava is used as a building material and microorganisms that previously grew in lava fields have become the basis for wild-beer production.

SUBSURFACE – CONVECTION will be exhibited until May 15th 2022 in Ásmundarsalur.

Sól Hansdóttir AW22 – Urgent Experiments on Reality

“Urgent Experiments on Reality” is Sól Hansdóttir’s debut collection after graduating last spring from Central Saint Martins. The designer proposes a collection of 10 looks. All garments are made in her studio in Reykjavík, Iceland using local resources.

Sól Hansdóttir’s AW22 collection is her debut after graduation last spring where the recent graduate was granted the L’Oréal Creative Awards for her major collection at Central Saint Martins in 2021.

“Urgent Experiments on Reality” will be exhibited in Ásmundarsalur until May 15th 2022.

Bíbí & blabla

Exhibition of things created for birds and their wellbeing in this cold country. Can we make their life here better and a bit easier while hopefully strengthening our relationship with them?

There are not many wild mammals living in Iceland but we share our country with countless species of birds. studio allsber want to research the relationship we have with these birds and how we can make it stronger.

Bíbí & blabla will be exhibited until May 15th 2022.

Bathing Culture

The exhibition spans a period from the beginnings of pool culture at the dawn of the 20th century to its present dynamics in the 21st. The story of public pools doubles as a warm history of modern Icelandic society, with a hint of chlorine and sulphur, rising steam and the faint sound of splashing.

Bathing culture will stand until September 25th 2022.

May 9th, 2022
Aldís Pálsdóttir


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