DesignMarch 2024 - where chaos is the norm and the balancing act is art

February 8th, 2024

This year's festival reflects the current status of the world in the circus. Let's turn everything upside down with joy, curiosity and courage! Designers, architects and creative thinkers push the boundaries of the possible with exciting exhibitions, events, workshops, guided tours and openings all over town during DesignMarch, April 24th - 28th. Playing with materials, the interactivity of nature and technology, the use of discarded raw materials and new creative solutions for society are among the things that see the light of day.

The festival's signature event, the international conference DesignTalks kicks it all off on Wednesday April 24th in Harpa! This time around addressing global imbalances and extremes. In the current cosmic chaos, balance is sought with the mindset of the creative adventurer, and a dash of the laissez-faire attitude of the ropedancer, bravely making his way to land. In the circus ring ideas are kept in the air, genius is fiery and flying is high! ! The abundance of information, the lack of raw materials, the possibilities of the local environment, reconstruction, the global family and inner peace will be on the palate. In this seductive magical world, anything is possible, but beneath the surface simmers the unexpected and, at times the somewhat unpleasant.

The festival will kick off at the opening ceremony of DesignMarch in Hafnarhúsið on Wednesday April 24th, after DesignTalks, and will spread throughout the city for the next 5 days. This year’s DesignMarch programme includes over 100 exhibitions, 200 events and 400 participants. 

Welcome to a world full of color, joy and creativity! There is room for everyone, nothing is off grid and diversity is the rule. 

Please note that the early bird ticket sale to DesignTalks is still open and soon we start to announce the speaker lineup - not to be missed!

February 8th, 2024
Álfrún Pálsdóttir


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