In short - Lauf

25. maí 2019

Lauf was founded in 2011 around the idea of creating a revolutionary bicycle suspension fork. In late 2017 the company shifted gears and began to design, manufacture and sell gravel bikes called Lauf True Grit.

They recently came out with a 90s-inspired deluxe edition in collaboration with professional paint artist Made Rad.

Winter’s in, studs are out. #laufcycling #justride #wegravel #laufforks #winterriding
It's Friyay at the Lauf office, so naturally we play around to get that gravel holiday spirit going. We urge you to find your inner gravimal (e. gravel animal) and get going - whether it's gravel covered with snow (some call it fat biking) or regular exposed gravel! #laufcycling #justride #wegravel #gravelbike #gravelgrinder #friyay #laufforks
25. maí 2019


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