Iceland Design and Architecture to join BEDA - the bureau of  European Design Associations

May 23rd, 2022

Iceland Design and Architecture is a new member of BEDA - the bureau of  European Design Associations,  which is part of strengthening its international collaboration and connections.

BEDA's vision and goals are that design is the main driver of sustainable growth and prosperity in Europe. The main project is the new European Bauhaus, which focuses on green solutions, quality of life and equality in societies in Europe and beyond, and on connecting the continent's designers to foster creative and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Iceland Design and Architecture represents Iceland in the organization, with now 54 members from 28 countries. BEDA is a non-profit organization operating from Brussels. The members of BEDA are diverse design centers, publicly funded organizations promoting national or regional design, as well as professional and trade associations of designers across Europe.

We welcome Iceland and Iceland Design and Architecture to BEDA and to the European conversation. Iceland and BEDA share the vision of design being embraced in Europe as a driving force of sustainable growth, quality of life, inclusiveness and  prosperity. Together we will work towards that future through important projects such as the New European Bauhaus

Christina Melander, manager at  DDC - Danish Design Center and vice president of BEDA

The membership in BEDA will strengthen the connection of Iceland Design and Architecture and strengthen cooperation with foreign parties working towards the same goal; to promote quality of life, value creation and sustainable solutions based on design in Iceland.

May 23rd, 2022
Álfrún Pálsdóttir


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