DesignTalks 2023 - Thomas Pausz, designer, artist and researcher.

March 30th, 2023
Thomas Pausz

Thomas Pausz, designer, artist and researcher, will be speaking at DesignTalks 2023 on 3rd May in Harpa.

Can a virtual world for insects help us produce food in greenhouses? Can we use AI to read the climate history in sea shells ? Can invasive plants DJ at a party? Pausz´s trans-disciplinary practice explores our changing relationships with the environment. In his hybrid ecosystems, organic life forms and technologies interact and collaborate in surprising ways. His projects are informed by immersive field research in landscapes and dialogues with researchers in the fields of biology, climate science and bioethics.  

Thomas Pausz is a designer, artist and researcher and the director of the Master Design & New Environments at the Iceland University of the Arts. For the next two years the programme focuses on Climate & Food systems and tackles the challenges of those themes through design, media, and environmental studies. In 2023 - 24, he is a fellow at the Stanley Picker Gallery (London) for the project Haunted Ecologies, and an artist in residence at the Modular Laboratory (France). He regularly publishes articles on his works and has taken part in many exhibitions including The Swamp Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Interspecies Futures (IF) at Centre for Book Arts, New York and Species Without Spaces at Istanbul Design Biennale.

DesignTalks 2023 will take place in Harpa on the 3rd of May and is curated by Hlin Helga Guðlaugsdóttir. This year’s theme is What now? and the event will tackle this question, explore and showcase some answers and alternatives, discuss current challenges for designers and architects and, if successful, raise even more questions!

DesignTalks addresses the challenges the world is facing and highlights the importance of design and architecture in societal and global change, with talks about impactful projects and inspiring conversations. Designers, architects and creative thinkers, international and local, provide insight into pressing issues with passion. Nothing is off limits.

March 30th, 2023


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