DesignMarch 2021 will be in May

29. október 2020

Moving March to May! DesignMarch, Iceland´s largest design festival will take place from 19th-23rd of May 2021. 

The board of the festival have made the decision based on the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and uncertainties that it implies. Also the DesignMarch in June, that took place this summer from 24th-28th of June, was very well received by participants and guests attending.  

DesignMarch is a 12 year old festival that was born in the middle of the financial crisis and is a harbinger of optimism, innovation and new ways. The festival will continue to use it´s power to bring inspiration and joy along with highlighting the simmering creative power of the local design community in Iceland. We do not know what the future holds regarding festivals and event planning but it is very clear that we need the conversations. It is our duty to keep going. The future is bright, DesignMarch 2021 will be exploring new ways in these new times.

Þórey Einarsdóttir, director of DesignMarch

DesignMarch, given the name has always been held in march but the unusual events of the year 2020 moved it to June. Over 80 exhibitions and 100 events were spread over the capital area were guest sought inspiration in difficult times and got to know the magic of design in various shapes and forms. 

DesignMarch brings together participants and guests with progressive design and innovation. The festival heralds new and surprising approaches and is a vibrant platform for ideas, diverse perspectives and knowledge driving force that enriches and enhances society. It gives inspiration and enjoyment with the aim to share the exhibitions, participants and their content to a broader audience, both in Iceland and abroad, in collaboration with other stakeholders, such as Promote Iceland.

DesignMarch is a harbinger of optimism and creativity. The festival takes the opportunity to focus on design as a driving force for innovation, and demonstrate the important role of design, architecture and innovation in society, especially during this time of uncertainty the world is facing now.

If you have any questions or seek more material please feel free to contact the team at and we’ll take it from there!

Applications for participants will open on the 2nd of November and stay open to the 30th of November. Stay tuned!

Þórdís Kolbrún Gylfadóttir, minister opens DesignMarch in June 2020 with Dagur B. Eggertsson, mayor of Reykjavík at the A Square to Reflect artwork by Valdísi Steinarsdóttir and Arnar Ingi Viðarsson at Lækjartorg.
29. október 2020
Álfrún Pálsdóttir
Kevin Pages


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