FÓLK at 3 days of design

June 5th, 2023

FÓLK Reykjavik is participating at 3daysofdesign in an exclusive collaboration with Polestar at their downtown showroom, Kristen Bernikowsgade 3. FÓLK is for the first timepremiering its full collection in Copenhagenbuilt on its vision to accelerate the green transition through design.

Among them the Airbag, designed by Studio Flétta, a exciting new circular design innovation from upcycled waste.

FÓLK Reykjavik is an emerging North Nordic interior and lifestyle brand. FÓLKs vision is to accelerate the green transition through design. FÓLK strives to design products with low environmental footprint, high durability and suitable for disassembly, to enable the circularity of materials. FÓLKs uses natural and upcycled materials in its designs and aspires to facilitate people to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

FÓLK was founded in Reykjavik Iceland in 2017 and has originally built up its design portfolio in collaboration with talented young designers from Reykjavik. In 2022 the brand was chosen the Best Investment in Design at the Icelandic Design Awards. FÓLK recently opened an office in Copenhagen.

June 5th, 2023
Álfrún Pálsdóttir


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